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Global warming has driven the extinction of hundreds of species of animals in the last century. Man is not exempt. Reconciliation Ecology Technology provides some of the tools for enhancing urban habitats to conserve species diversity and reduce ecosystem retrogression by increasing decomposition, nutrient cycling, and primary productivity for ecosystem development.

Capture and Bury Sewer Odor & GHG's from controllable point sources.

According to the EPA experts, up to 40% of all GHG's come from buildings vent pipes, not cars tail pipes. Sweetfilters eliminate septic odors by turning GHG's into a fertilizer you can bury in your backyard:

Sweetfilter Plumbing "stink pipe" Vent Filters Stop The Stink
Septic Tank Vent Filters Make Backyards Friendly
Manhole Inflow Protectors & Odor Eliminators Reduce Treatment Costs
BioR Sewer Sweetener Enzymes Speed up Treatment
Washing Machine Lint Traps Extend Septic Tank Life

Remediate Stormwater Ponds, Lagoons, & Recreational Water Features With Off-Grid Solar Powered Aerators Designed To Operate 24/7, Based on Chicago. IL., 3.14 Average Sun Hour Days

Solar powered aerators oxygenate and mix to improve water quality without burning fossil fuel. Our fine bubble diffusers do not have intakes to plug with leaves/sticks/etc., like mechanical pumps or splashers.

Bubbler Deicers for Livestock Tanks and Dock Protection
Aquaculture & Pond Diffused Aeration for fish kill prevention
Ozonators Prevent Toxic Water & Anaerobic Diseases

Storm Water Odor/Algae Mitigation
Septic Tank Bubblers & Filters Stop Expensive System Add-ons

Prevent Water Damage & Building Heat Loss with Recyclables

Roof Ice Dam Melt Socks Stop Water Leaks
Water Eater Poly-Cellulose Snakes

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